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So, what is an affiliate marketing program?


In short, affiliate marketers will be able to share their Mystery Gift Box experience with friends, family, social media, blogs, via YouTube and so on, by sharing an affiliate tracking-link, unique to yourself, and available on your Affiliate Account Page.


In return, when somebody clicks on an affiliate link, lands on our website, and makes a purchase- that affiliate will earn commission!

Step 1: Contact Us

If you are interested in becoming a Mystery Gift Box affiliate, please drop us a line at [email protected] or through the contact form provided- we will then be able to let you know the full details involved!

Step 2: Register for an Affiliate Marketing account

The registration form to become an affiliate can be found here!

Step 3: Get to know your account page

Take some time reading through your Affiliate Account Page, setting up your method of receiving payment, familiarising yourself with your Mystery Gift Box affiliate link, etc

Step 4: Start sharing!

As a Mystery Gift Box company, the most effective way that our affiliates are going to be able to promote our boxes, is by having a Mystery Gift Box to hand. As you can imagine, it would not be feasible to send a free Mystery Gift Box to each and every one of our affiliates, so our best affiliates are those whom are already customers, or have bought a Mystery Gift Box with the intention of compiling a complete review!


You can, of course, still act as an affiliate marketer for TheMysteryGiftBox.com without being a customer, by sharing the mystique, excitement and unknown as to what is inside our Mystery Gift Boxes!

Step 5: Monitor clicks, conversions and payments

Once your hard work is done, you will be able to sit back and watch your affiliate account page, and monitor clicks, referrals and conversions!


You will also be able to keep an eye on payments that you are due, which will be disbursed through PayPal or Stripe (whichever method you prefer).

Step 6: Commission rates

Commission rates start at 2.5% for each successful conversion following a click from your affiliate link.


After 100 successful conversions, this increases to 4.0% for each successful conversion.

Remember to read the T's and C's!

Interested in becoming an affiliate? Drop us a line below!

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