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Mystery Box - Because Everyone Loves a Surprise!

Why is a mystery box the best birthday gift?

Searching for the best birthday gift is difficult, and finding birthday ideas is time-consuming.

Generally, people are hard to buy for; they already have everything they need, and where’s the fun in giving something they have asked for?

If I use myself as an example here, when my birthday comes around, I’m bombarded with the same question year in, year out… ‘What do you want for your birthday?’

Now, this seems like a pretty standard question in the build up to one’s birthday. So I would probably be safe in assuming that I’m not the only one who gets asked a question similar to this?

My response to this question, every single time? ‘I don’t know…’ or maybe I go as far as saying ‘I don’t know- surprise me!’

So, by extension of my previous point, I am probably not the only one who responds with an ‘I don’t know…’ when asked what one wants for their birthday?

Needless to mention as well, this question puts you in a sort of moral dilemma when it comes to ‘What is their budget?’

You don’t want to be cheeky and go in too high ‘Hmmm… Well, I could do with a new laptop?’

But then again, if you go in too low, well, this just isn’t any use to anyone ‘Hmmm… My socks have got holes in- could I have some more socks please?’

The safe option is a simple ‘I don’t know’!

Then, when my birthday comes around, I am gifted the usual; Amazon vouchers, and I get to treat myself to all sorts of fun things through the course of the year.

The following are some of my recent Amazon purchases, paid for by the vouchers I was gifted for my birthday;

  • Oral B Compatible Replacement Toothbrush Heads
  • An Outdoor Lever Bib Tap, with a free Hoselock connector
  • A Suction Shower Basket
  • A Wireless Doorbell
  • A 10m Coaxial TV/AV Aerial Cable and Coupler

Saving the best until last, and my personal favourite;

  • A Universal Cooker Hood Grease Filter

Fun, right?

Sure, this stuff is useful- I’ve been able to treat myself to a new toothbrush head every couple of months… And the garden tap no longer leaks!

But it doesn’t really scream ‘birthday’, and doesn’t seem like the best birthday gift to me.

A birthday present is about the unknown; a surprise! Something you wouldn’t otherwise buy yourself, perhaps?

A mystery box, therefore, ticks all the boxes of being the best birthday present.

A birthday gift where you can simply pick a theme, and be sent a surprise box of goodies!

There are two ways to reflect upon the brilliance of a mystery gift box; from the buyer’s perspective, and also the recipient’s perspective.

Firstly, from a buyer’s point of view, a mystery box completely takes the stress out of gifting.

Gone will be the days of needing to ask what somebody wants for their birthday, because you won’t even need to know this level of detail yourself!

We’ll do all the hard work for you, in your quest in finding the best birthday gift!

The team at spend their days discovering the latest and best gifts, both online, and at trade shows! We meet with our suppliers face to face, we sample the products, and we choose the right products that match the theme of the given Mystery Gift Box.

We love our mystery gift boxes, and every item we put inside!

Secondly, from the recipient’s point of view, they are receiving a true birthday present; a surprise!

A birthday present to open and enjoy, an exciting gift of intrigue and mystique, a surprise box packed full of the gifts pertaining to the given theme.

So, what types of box are there available for you to buy?

Firstly, we have our Birthday Mystery Gift Box; this box is sorted by recipient- ‘For Him’, ‘For Her’, ‘For Mum’, ‘For Dad’ and ‘Gender Neutral’. These boxes will contain the same items as our standard boxes with these given themes, but will be finished off with birthday decorations (expect birthday confetti, and birthday wrapping paper!)

Of course, if you do not wish for the box to have a birthday theme, you can simply select the relevant, standalone ‘For Him’, ‘For Her’, ‘For Mum’, ‘For Dad’ and ‘Gender Neutral’ box. This is particularly useful to know if this is not actually a birthday present!

Conversely to this, if you see a particular theme on our website that would be a great birthday gift for a friend or family member- like a Pamper Mystery Gift Box, or a Star Wars Mystery Gift Box- just let us know in the order note that it is a birthday gift, and we will be able to add the necessary birthday confetti and birthday wrapping paper to it!

Birthday Mystery Gift Box

Our Birthday Mystery Gift Box is the best birthday gift if you are looking for a box with an assortment of themes, for a given individual! The recipients include; ‘For Him’, ‘For Her’, ‘Gender Neutral’, ‘For Mum’ and ‘For Dad’!

Alternatively, check out our whole range of Mystery Gift Boxes!

If you know that your recipient will love a particular theme, you can check out our full range of Mystery Gift Boxes here! Will the best birthday gift be a ‘Star Wars’ Mystery Gift Box? A ‘Pamper’ Mystery Gift Box? Or perhaps a ‘Tech and Gadgets’ Mystery Gift Box?

Remember! If you would like your themed box to come with birthday decor, please leave us a note at checkout!

Want to make sure this is the right birthday present for you?

We of course know how important it is for you to know that you are buying the best birthday gift for the person you are gifting to! So we have put together some examples of what you can expect to receive for your money, for a few given themes and price points!

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Have a read of what our customers have said about their Mystery Gift Boxes! Know that you are in safe hands when searching for the best Birthday gift.

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