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Mystery Box - Because Everyone Loves a Surprise!

Example boxes!

Buying a Mystery Gift Box is a step into the unknown.

The phrase ‘Mystery Gift Box’ will mean different things to different people.

The way that we like to look at ourselves, focuses on the word ‘gift’. We send out Mystery Gift Boxes; an item that you can gift to another on a Birthday, at Christmas, or just because, and confidently know that you have bought the simplest, and most fantastic gift there is to buy.

We know how important it is for you to know that the box you are buying is going to be suitable for the person you are gifting to.

On this page, we are going to treat you all to a sneak preview of what you could expect to receive if you were to purchase one of our mystery gift boxes!

Excitingly, and most importantly, please bear in mind that the items you are about to see barely scrape the surface of the fantastic gifts that we have in stock!

£25 Mystery Gift Box For Her Example

£30 Gender Neutral Mystery Gift Box Example

£40 Mystery Gift Box For Him Example


Further clues!


As previously mentioned, the above images barely scrape the surface of the awesome items we have in stock!

Furthermore, we have only revealed to you our generically themed mystery gift boxes; we have numerous bespoke-themed mystery gift boxes (such as Harry Potter and Star Wars) where you know that the items inside the box will be based on that specific theme!

You can also create a custom mystery gift box, based on the themes available on our website!

To discover more about the items that are put into our mystery gift boxes, you can read about our suppliers here!

Or maybe you wanted to watch some YouTube un-boxings of our boxes? These can be found here!

Finally, to browse our full range of themes and boxes, visit our shop below!

Remember! Love your Mystery Gift Box, or your money back! Dismiss

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