Family Christmas Hamper

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Christmas is a time for families, fun, laughter, and of course; presents!

Here at we have created something quite special; a present the whole family can enjoy.

A present the whole family can un-box, un-wrap and share together.

A present bursting with goodies, games, nibbles, and Christmas magic!

Our Family Christmas Hamper; a present that will look great under your Christmas tree, and will fill your family with excitement and intrigue!

A Hamper like no other (so no cheese and pickles)!

This box will include a newly-released family game with a retail price of £25-£30, and it will contain a beautiful tin of luxury biscuits from Churchills Confectionery with an RRP of £13! We don’t want to ruin the mystery and surprise by revealing more, however we’re giving you this spoiler so you know you’re receiving quality items, from reputable suppliers, and the RRP of the box will of course exceed the price you pay.

Our Family Christmas Hamper is the ultimate present for you to buy for your own family to enjoy, or it’s the perfect present to buy for a family you may not see over the festive period. Everything in this box is guaranteed to make memories, and ensure Christmas 2018 is the best Christmas yet!

Nothing sums Christmas up more than family, friends, food and fun; our Family Christmas Hamper ticks all of these boxes!

We feel all warm and fuzzy about this box as it’s quite simply spectacular! If you like the idea of sharing the ultimate surprise experience with your family- or gifting that experience to a family you won’t be with over the festive period and sharing the enjoyment via skype, then this is the present you need to buy.

Our Family Christmas Hamper is the ultimate treat for all the senses.

It doesn’t contain any alcohol or alcohol themed gifts, and in total, will contain at least 12 items!

Everything is suitable for the whole family enjoy, but we’re pretty sure Mum will steal the festive candle, and Grandad will eat the biscuits!

We are a family business, family is at the heart of everything we do, and we like to have fun! A fun meal with games afterwards is our perfect evening. This Family Christmas Hamper is for the whole family to enjoy.

Simply pick a value, and add some Christmas magic, with each item individually gift wrapped, a value that far exceeds the price that you pay for it, and guaranteed family fun on the big day!

Custom Mystery Box

If you love this theme and want to combine it with another theme on our website, please follow the instructions found here to create a custom mystery box!

So, for example, you may wish to include some alcohol-themed items in your Family Christmas Hamper! Simply drop us a line, let us know how much you want to spend, and we can create a the perfect Family Christmas Hamper for you!

Why buy this?
Why choose a Mystery Gift Box?

Because everyone loves surprises! Treat yourself, or someone else, to an awesome box of goodies!

Gifting is difficult, and buying the perfect present is hard! There is so much choice, and everyone already has everything they need! Maybe you are bored of buying the same thing, year on year? Or the gift recipient might have been helpful, and told you what exactly what they want- an Amazon voucher, perhaps? *Yawn….*

If you are searching for a gift, and looking at a Mystery Gift Box as we speak… We’re pretty sure you want to gift something exciting this time around!

Maybe you aren’t sure what you want yourself? Or perhaps you’ve got a Birthday coming up, and you don’t know what to ask for? Maybe you’re feeling like you deserve to splash out on a little something for yourself?

Our Suppliers

The beauty of a Mystery Box is that you could receive anything! Well, ‘anything’ that must have one thing in common; everything inside our mystery boxes is quality! Our products are sourced from fantastic suppliers – both local and multi-national, quirky and sophisticated, reputable and ethically minded – in the UK and Overseas!

You can have a read about our suppliers here!

Example Boxes

If you wanted to have a look at some example Mystery Gift Boxes we have put together, these are available here!

Again, the brilliance of a Mystery Gift Box is that- even if you have an idea about the items that we put into a Mystery Gift Box- you will never know exactly what will go inside YOUR Mystery Gift Box!

Plus, we guarantee that each and every time that you buy from us, you will get new items in your Mystery Gift Box each time!

Value For Money

We promise that you will not be buying a box full of fresh air!

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We will send your Mystery Box on the same, or next working day!

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