Mystery Gift Box For Dad

Item Description

We’ve always found buying for Dads super difficult.

Dads pretty much have everything they ‘need’ don’t they?

Or, they want the latest Ipad, or their laptop is on the blink… So anything they actually need might be well out of your price range, thus you struggle so much that even the thought of buying a present for your dad makes you feel a bit stressed!

So, with this in mind, we’ve created a Mystery Gift box for Dad that is packed full of quality items your Dad will love!

The box will contain at least 1 ‘Dad-themed’ item, and will contain at least 1 gadget (because every dad loves a gadget!)… But that’s all we’re going to tell you!  Rest assured your Dad will love this box, and it’s nice and easy for you, as you can choose the price you want to pay and get your Dad a present he’ll love in one easy click!

This box makes it easy to buy your Dad a present at any time of the year, which is probably something the majority of us will admit we rarely do because Dads are notoriously difficult to buy for… However when you think of everything your Dad does/has done for you – we really should buy him more presents!

If you’re buying this for your Dad’s birthday and want the box to be that extra bit more special and filled with birthday confetti, please click here.

Custom Mystery Box

If you love this theme and want to combine it with another theme on our website, please follow the instructions found here to create a custom mystery box!

So, for example, you may know that your Dad loves beer! Simply drop us a line, let us know how much you want to spend, and we can create a Mystery Gift Box for Dad with a Beer theme!

Equally, if you want to ensure that your Mystery Gift Box does not contain a particular type of item- such as ‘alcohol-themed gifts’- let us know in the order notes section of the checkout!

Why buy this?
Why choose a Mystery Gift Box?

Because everyone loves surprises! Treat yourself, or someone else, to an awesome box of goodies!

Gifting is difficult, and buying the perfect present is hard! There is so much choice, and everyone already has everything they need! Maybe you are bored of buying the same thing, year on year? Or the gift recipient might have been helpful, and told you what exactly what they want- an Amazon voucher, perhaps? *Yawn….*

If you are searching for a gift, and looking at a Mystery Gift Box as we speak… We’re pretty sure you want to gift something exciting this time around!

Maybe you aren’t sure what you want yourself? Or perhaps you’ve got a Birthday coming up, and you don’t know what to ask for? Maybe you’re feeling like you deserve to splash out on a little something for yourself?

Our Suppliers

The beauty of a Mystery Box is that you could receive anything! Well, ‘anything’ that must have one thing in common; everything inside our mystery boxes is quality! Our products are sourced from fantastic suppliers – both local and multi-national, quirky and sophisticated, reputable and ethically minded – in the UK and Overseas!

You can have a read about our suppliers here!

Example Boxes

If you wanted to have a look at some example Mystery Gift Boxes we have put together, these are available here!

Again, the brilliance of a Mystery Gift Box is that- even if you have an idea about the items that we put into a Mystery Gift Box- you will never know exactly what will go inside YOUR Mystery Gift Box!

Plus, we guarantee that each and every time that you buy from us, you will get new items in your Mystery Gift Box each time!

Value For Money

We promise that you will not be buying a box full of fresh air!

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Free Fast Delivery

We will send your Mystery Box on the same, or next working day!

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Absolutely Risk Free

If you aren’t completely satisfied, return your box to us for a full refund!

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Want to know more or not sure what to get?

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