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Secret Santa Mystery Gift Box

– Our Secret Santa Mystery Gift Box is great fun for family, a group of friends, or work colleagues!

– An awesome twist on the classic ‘Secret Santa’, our Secret Santa Mystery Gift Box draws on inspiration from the ‘Dirty Santa’ game, all provided in a Mystery Gift Box!

– The easiest, fastest, and most stress-free way to sort this year’s Secret Santa! Plus, add an extra level of fun, mystery and intrigue at the un-boxing…

– The items in this box are not specific Christmas items, so they can be used all year around.

– We can send your box everywhere in the world! We can send your box anywhere in the UK for free, with International shipping calculated in the checkout!

– Pre-order your Secret Santa Mystery Gift Box, ready for shipping in the first week of December!

– The RRP of the items inside the box will be more than the price you pay!

– Make gifting fun again!


Full Item Description

Secret Santa, done right!

Combining the traditional ‘Secret Santa’, with a party game in itself, our Secret Santa Mystery Gift Box is the ultimate way to treat the family, a group of friends, or work colleagues at Christmas!

We’ve taken the ‘Dirty Santa’ rules, and added our Mystery Gift Box twist; in simple terms, choose how many people will be playing (and therefore, how many gifts are required!), then, when un-boxing, take it in turns to choose a gift, or ‘steal’ a present that has been opened already!

Our Secret Santa Mystery Gift Box has a ‘price-per-head’ of £7.50, or £10! Included in this price will be; a gift per person with an RRP of greater than this amount, and also, all items in the box will be gift-wrapped ready for unwrapping!

For multiple gifts per person, simply order multiple boxes; we will put different items in every box that you order!

Our Secret Santa is available to order for groups of 4-12 adults*, but for smaller or larger groups, please feel free to contact us here!

*We use the word ‘adults’ loosely here, because the gifts we include in the box are aimed towards ‘adults’, but will all be inoffensive, universal, fun, and can be enjoyed by all generations!

If you would like to incorporate a few gifts for a younger audience into the box as well, please leave us a note at checkout!


How to play

1) Order your box, which will be delivered to you immediately, or on your chosen week of delivery.

2) Gather the troops; this may be on Christmas Day with family, with friends on Christmas Eve, or at the work Christmas dinner! Really, Dirty Santa can work anywhere, or with anyone!

3) Decide who is unwrapping first; this could be ‘youngest to oldest’, ‘picking numbers out of a pot’, ‘rock, paper, scissors’, and so on!

4) Player 1 will pick their present out of the box, and unwrap the item!

5) Player 2 can then either A) Pick their own item out of the box, or B) Steal the item that Player 1 unwrapped!

6) Player 3 repeats, by either choosing their own gift, or stealing from one of Player 1 or Player 2!

7) Continue in order, unwrapping, or stealing! IMPORTANT: When the game gets back to Player 1, they can only pick a present out of the box if they have had their gift stolen! If they haven’t had their present stolen, they can either stick with their current gift, or steal another gift, by swapping with whichever gift you want!

8) No steal-backs! You cannot steal a gift that you have already had in your possession… This will prevent the game from being endless, and carrying over to the next day, if there proves to be a particular item that is very popular amongst the group!

9) Keep going until everyone is in possession of a gift!

10) Have fun! Feel free to add your own rules to the game as well, such as an extra round of stealing, a timer to end the game, and prevent any more stealing, or putting a limit on how many times a particular item can be stolen!


"Love, love, love this company. I got a mystery box (well actually I got 2) for my birthday. It was such an amazing treat!"

June 2nd, 2020

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"Lovely surprise for my best friend’ birthday! Excellent quality and timely delivery. Thank you!"

June 1st, 2020

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"Bought a mystery box for my mother in law for a birthday gift she loved it the gift wrap is beautiful and the presents great."

June 1st, 2020

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"I brought myself one as in all honesty I thought it sounded to good to be true and I'm so pleased to say It really is the best money I've ever spent."

May 30th, 2020

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"Brilliant!! Ordered a couple now and they have been loved"

May 30th, 2020

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"I ordered for a present & they loved it. I then asked for one for my Birthday & it is fab."

May 16th, 2020

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"I have ordered 3 boxes from TheMysteryGiftBox. I find that at this time they are such a great treat for someone for either a birthday or a cheer up gift."

May 10th, 2020

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"I didn’t know what to get my mum for her birthday so ordered her a gift box. She absolutely loved everything in there."

May 10th, 2020

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Custom Box

If you would like to combine this box with any other theme on our website, simply complete the web form found here!

On our web form, simply 'tick' all of the themes that you would like to be included, and we'll send across an invoice for payment! The perfect gift to treat the gin-drinking, cat-loving, pamper-needing Harry Potter geek in your life*

*Many, MANY more themes are available.... Just in case the above example is not applicable to whomever you are gifting to! :p

Our Promises

Value For Money

We promise that you will not be buying a box full of fresh air!

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Free Fast Delivery

We will send your Mystery Box on the same, or next working day!

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Absolutely Risk Free

If you aren’t completely satisfied, return your box to us for a full refund!

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Further Information

Returns Policy

Our returns policy is simple; if you or your recipient are not happy with your Mystery Gift Box, please contact us at [email protected]

We will then offer you a full refund, once the box is returned to us!

Please see the full policy on delivery and returns here!

More details
  • Unlike Firebox or IWOOT, for example, (whose mystery gift boxes are all the same), each of our Mystery Gift Boxes are individually hand-packed to your order!
  • This means that you will receive different items each and every time you order from us!
  • With hundreds of different product-lines in stock, there are A LOT of different boxes we will be able to send out; in the extremely unlikely instance that we cannot fulfill a box, we will contact you immediately with your options.
  • The RRP of the items inside your box will always be greater than the price that you pay for your box.
Allergies, ethics and more
Food and drink
  • Some of our boxes may contain food/drink items, so if you or the recipient have any allergies at all and/or would prefer not to receive food/drink items, please let us know at checkout.
  • Some food items we have in stock are 'Gluten Free', so please let us know if you wish for your box to be 'Gluten Free'.
  • Most of the edible items we have in stock may contain traces of nuts, so it is important that you let us know about any nut allergies; for these, we will avoid all edible items entirely!
  • Equally, some of our products may not be suitable for vegetarians/vegans, so again, please let us know at checkout.
Alcohol-themed gifts
  • Some of our boxes may contain alcohol-themed gifts, such as alcohol scented candles or flavoured edibles.
  • Please note that we do not stock actual alcohol.
Ethically and responsibly sourced
  • We only buy from suppliers who ethically source, create and sell their products. For example, our beauty and pamper products are all ethically-created, and not tested on animals.

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